Rebuilding Schools. Enhancing Education. Advancing Technology.


In 2015, the Gorkha region of Nepal was hit with month-long earthquakes, which killed nine thousand people, left twenty-two thousand injured and destroyed thousands of structures. Driven by the need to help at such a catastrophic time, the Away Inward Foundation jumped into action providing emergency relief items. We also quickly realized the dire need to rebuild schools because more than five thousand children were now attending school in temporary and very unsafe structures. With the support of a local NGO, Gorkha Foundation, and volunteers from all over the world, we have now rebuilt 16 schools and still counting. 

We are excited to expand and diversify our work in Uganda! In partnership with a local NGO, the Olympian Mutekanga Organization (OMO), we are working with schools in rural Uganda to introduce children to basic computer literacy. This will advance technology as a tool for studying. We are designing a pioneer media center in Western Uganda, which will house up to twenty computers to serve over 1000 kids from surrounding schools. We also plan to enhance kid’s education experiences by donating school and sporting supplies and support youth through targeted sports activities. We want to reach as many kids as possible. We hope you can help us to achieve this.


We Are On The Move.


We have completed over 50 classrooms and donated more than 100 computers to the hardest hit regions in Gorkha. There are hundreds more schools to complete.


We have confirmed the location and design for a computer lab that will hold up to 20 computers, allowing access for 100's of students to take their first step into the digital age.

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All photography provided by The Away Inward Foundation, Inc.