Rebuilding Schools. Enhancing Education. Introducing Technology.


It all began in Nepal with emergency relief. In May of 2015 the northward moving Indian tectonic plate and the relatively stationary Asian plate shifted. This caused a month long nightmare of daily earthquakes with several registering almost 8.0 on the Richter scale leaving 9000 dead and 1000's of schools, homes and structures destroyed. We saw this as a call to action. And so the journey began.

Taking our experience to Uganda, we have recently teamed up with a local NGO, Olympian Mutekanga Organiztion (OMO), and are designing and building a media centre to house up to 20 computers to educate local children about technology. We will donate a secure building, computers and proper training. 

We are also introducing sporting events in both locations!


We are on a Mission.

The Away Inward Foundation is in pursuit of giving hope and education to children in developing countries. In Nepal we have rebuilt 12 school campuses both for primary and secondary learning. This includes over 50 classrooms, toilets with running water and basic landscaping. We have donated more than 100 computers, learning materials and teacher training.

We are currently working on a media centre in Uganda complete with secure building, 16 computers, desks and power. This facility will be available for as many as 10 local schools and hundreds of students.  

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We have completed over 50 classrooms and donated more than 100 computers to the hardest hit regions in Gorkha. There are hundreds more schools to complete.


We have confirmed the location and design for a computer lab that will hold up to 20 computers, allowing access for 100's of students to take their first step into the digital age.


All photography provided by The Away Inward Foundation, Inc.