Latest Project

A ‘Teacher Training Center of Excellence’ in Central Gorkha. This will include the building, computers, materials and advanced training programs for new and existing teachers. As many as 2,650 teachers will obtain adequate training in a workshop format, bringing them up to par with international standards. This means 25,000 students will finally have the opportunity to learn subjects and skills to enhance their daily lives, continue their education at university level, or gain the aptitude to compete in a global workforce. We will develop an international exchange program and master teacher certification, and teach the value of education for generations to come. For complete details and to help support this project click here:

Our progress

  • Funded 4 school campuses complete with running water and toilets

  • Supported construction on 16 other schools with our local partner NGO

  • Painted and landscaped 50+ classrooms

  • Donated 100+ computers

  • Put learning materials on a local server

  • Redesigned classrooms to allow natural light

  • Created false ceilings for insulation

  • Trained teachers

  • Broke ground on a 4th campus


It began with a high school campus for 400+ students in the village of Darbung in the Gorkha Region of Nepal. We removed, stone by stone, 3 large buildings that were damaged in the earthquakes. We then rebuilt 8 classrooms and a restroom with running water. We painted 18 classrooms plus 4 teachers rooms and toilets. We have donated computers and educational materials and are working on wifi. This was the FIRST high school completed after the earthquakes by ANY organization!

We have now completed our 4th project, another elementary school in the same region of Gorkha. Working with our local partner, Gorkha Foundation, we have painted over 50 classrooms and donated over 100 computers. They have done much more. We have also initiated an annual soccer tournament in the region. Last year we had a match between two schools we rebuilt. This year we will bring in more local teams. Our goal is to make this an annual competition for the entire Gorkha region. We are now organizing this as a 3 day event in Bakchek, the epicenter of the quakes.

We have recently broke ground on our 5th school project. This will be our largest project to date, with a school for the blind, housing and a library.

The Away Inward Foundation is currently taking donations and preparing to take a fourth group of volunteers to help rebuild in March of 2019. The progress is impressive but we have a long way to go. The students and villagers are ecstatic that an international team of volunteers have come to their rescue. There are so many kids that are still taking classes in makeshift rooms with no walls. Please join us and/or make a donation today! Every dollar/euro/pound counts.


Our Potential

It is estimated that there are still over 400 schools to rebuild (May 2018). This means that thousands of children are still trying to get an education in makeshift classrooms with no walls and some without desks, chairs or whiteboards. In June and July there are monsoons leaving the students wet and miserable. Yet they continue to show up. We will continue to show up as well.