A New Partner - Global Giving - And a New Project

We have been selected to partner with @GlobalGiving for a fundraiser in March. This is our latest project in Nepal and will fund the development of a Teacher Training Center of Excellence (TTCOE) in Gorkha, Nepal.

The TTCOE being proposed will incorporate practical cost-effective features that create a pleasant educational environment and minimize potential damage from future earthquakes.  TTCOE will be built collaboratively with local communities, with locally available materials and labor.  They are cost effective and designed within a system allowing for local investment.

This TTCOE construction proposal is the first phase of a proposed program to increase the quality and relevance of the education offered to Nepali children.   As schools are reopened, a program is envisioned that includes in-service teacher trainings and technological enhancements to best use the new facilities.   This will build on the past work of The Away inward Foundation in the District.  It will involve creating partnerships between the Ministry of Education, local communities, the private sector and philanthropic foundations.  With the development of a “Teacher to Teacher” exchange and a Master Teacher certification program, this initiative could help reshape development in rural Nepal .  

The Away Inward Foundation has a reputation for credibility, integrity, and accountability and has demonstrated its capacities, experience, and commitment to the region. Recognizing the need for post earthquake school reconstruction, The Away Inward Foundation began raising funds and rebuilding schools.  To date, it has completed 4 schools, with 1 additional school under construction. The Away Inward Foundation’s efforts are limited by its ability to raise the needed funds. What is proposed here is to build the TTCOE program while strengthening the capacity of The Away Inward Foundation to manage large-scale, complex development and educational programs.