When Ryan started the foundation it was to assist orphanages and underprivileged kids in countries where he ran retreats. When his "family" in Nepal found themselves in a seemingly endless earthquake, he made the decision to switch the focus to emergency relief. Once the dust settled, the reality was that a country that he deeply cared about was in a desperate situation. This is when we began to rebuild schools.


Since 2015 we have been building schools in Nepal utilizing volunteers from all over the world. We offer our local construction team any support they need. We paint buildings, move materials, teach English and play sports with the students. We are currently developing a soccer tournament in the village of the epicenter, Backchek.

We have recently embarked on a project in Uganda to build a computer lab and donate 20 computers. This will educate up to 1400 students in basic computer literacy. Centrally located, it will be within access to many local schools. Each day will allow three classes to utilize the centre. We have the design and land secured. We are introducing track events here as well.

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