Our progress

  • Site Location Secured
  • Blueprints Drawn
  • Local Team Organized
  • Local NGO support
  • Fundraising Started

It began with a desire to assist refugees. Knowing that constructing schools in the Middle East was above our expertise regarding International relations we turned to another country with an extreme refugee crisis. After many months of research we learned that this too was too much for now. With our success building schools in Nepal and our appreciation for educating the youth, we decided on the next best thing and that was supporting our friends and colleagues in Uganda.

We quickly developed a team to begin the process. Because the schools there are of sound structure we decided that adding a computer lab to the community was the best way to enter the field of education locally. With our local partner and their ground support, internal guidance from our VP and a strong will to move forward, we are well on our way to constructing the first media centre in the region.

We have a location and blueprints to construct a secure building which will house up to 20 computers. Complete with desks to accommodate 4 students per computer, we can educate about 80 students per session. Our intention is that each class gets 3 hours of computer time. This allows for 3 classes per day six days per week. This is 18 classes per week and around 1400 students per week.

Local Partner NGO - Olympian Mutekanga Organization - OMO


Our Potential

Renewable Energy to power the media Centre
Scalable to expand throughout Africa