Our foundation sees the value of educating youth around the world with modern technology, allowing them to move toward a brighter future in the 21st century.
— Ryan Patterson, Director - The Away Inward Foundation

Our Mission

Children We Serve through The Away Inward Foundation is committed to enhance education and create opportunities for children in developing countries to live a fuller life, through building schools and media centers, developing sporting events, and offering micro-financing within communities, which otherwise may not have access to this support.

In 2015 we shifted our focus to rebuilding schools and enhancing education through technology in developing countries.

Our Story

The idea of a nonprofit was planted when Ryan was on his first trip Thailand. That was in 2008. A lady at the hotel had just come from an orphanage and was telling a group how much of an impact it had left on her. Ryan went the next day and the next for a week. Each day arriving on his scooter humbly carrying 50 lbs of rice.

Fast forward several years and into the creation of Away Inward Retreats, a travel company offering cultural expeditions into remote places. In Peru, Ryan met an amazing woman who was running a retreat center to fund 19 orphans. She left her life in Arizona to raise and educate these kids from the streets of (mostly) Cusco. Casa Milagros. Answering the deep call within Ryan created the US based nonprofit, The Away Inward Foundation. His intentions were to share the plight of these children with his community and help to fund their livelihood. This lasted up until the owners death and the dissolution of the casa.

Our adventures then took us to support a small school in India and begin to make donations to an orphanage in Nepal. This began sometime in 2013. Ryan was leading many expeditions by then and becoming very close to his local colleagues. From ceremonies and homemade dinners to successful treks together, his colleagues were becoming friends and those friends were becoming family.

And then the unthinkable. An earthquake struck the region where we operated. And then another. And another. And by the time there were no more earthquakes a MONTH had passed. There were 2 quakes that registered alomot 8.0 on the richter scale. There were at least 5 aftershocks every day for 34 days! Let that resonate. This was in May and in June the monsoon rains begin. We immediately rallied our resources and started providing metal roofing for the new homes the Nepalese people were making from bamboo posts and tarps. There was no time to rebuild.

9000 dead. Villages buries in landslides. Thousands of structures, schools, homes, hospitals, destroyed or damaged beyond usable. By the time the dust settled the biggest impact that we could make was to begin to rebuild. What our friends wanted for their village was the school rebuilt.

And so the journey began.

Our future

The Away Inward Foundation believes wholeheartedly in the value of lifting up the community. We are looking at ways to offer micro financing to the communities that we work. We also believe in physical fitness as an element of mental health and general wellness. Along with rebuilding schools and donating computers, we are adding sporting events such as soccer and running events to these communities. We will also offer scholarships so more children have opportunities to go to primary school, high school, university and beyond.